Wrapgod Apple Iphone 11 Pro Max Abstract Designs Wrap

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Give your Mobile Phone a fresh new look with Premium quality WRAPGOD skins! and be a point of attraction wherever you go. You not only flaunt your style but also protect your valuable and expensive Mobile Phone with dust, scratches, smudge and accidental water spillage.

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We all dress up, right ?? But what about our friend, our buddy, who stays with us all the time, travels with us, finds our way, entertains us, furnish us with news and helps us stay connected to our dear ones.

Don’t you think he deserves some love, some care form our side ??

Yes, Its our Phone.

How about we dress it up too. How about we furnish our phone with a jacket, jacket that  protects it from scratches, smudges, fingerprint marks, minor dents ??

Not only this, but also add a more premium look to it.

Yes, this could be done, done in a very systematical and precise way, and we can make that happen.

We, WRAPGOD, get your Phone an attire. An attire that not only ensures quirky and premium looks, but also the safety from various catalysts.

The best part of our Wraps is that they do not bulk your devices. With a highly thin yet effective layer, you just don’t have to compromise your phone’s  performance and looks, and also the safety is intact.

WRAPGOD Mobile Skins are made from Premium quality adhesive vinyl and are fabricated with the help of robots which provides 99.8% precision. It not only protects your device, but also adds a flavour to your choice. Not only this, Our Wraps are precisely designed in a way it does not block any Switch, LED, SIM Tray or any other port.

You can choose not only from a wide range of designs/patterns, be it glossy, matte, leather, carbon fibre, stone, marble, wooden, camouflage or any other, also get your own design customized.

Since we use High Definition Graphics for all our designs, Just name it and we will have it tailored specially for you.

With Bubble free application, WRAPGOD Mobile Wraps are easy to apply and Leaves no residue when removed.

Additional information

Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 1 cm
Abstract Designs

Design 1, Design 2, Design 3, Design 4, Design 5

How to apply Wrap/Skin

What do you Need?
1. A clean piece of cloth or the wipes that came with the Package.
2. Any Debit/Credit Card(optional) *
3. Any Hair Dryer(optional) **

* If you are a First time user.
** Since the adhesive property of product varies from body to body, A little bit of heat is recommended for full proof application.

How to apply Wrap/Skin

1. Tear the envelope at the perforation mark.
2. Take out the skin and wipes from the envelope and keep it on a clean surface.
3. Clean your device back with the wet and dry wipes respectively that came with the package.
4. Peel off only 1 cm skin from the side having charger and sound grill cutouts.
5. Align the skin to the charging port and sound grill properly. It can be readjusted 3-4 times while applying.
6. Once it is properly aligned, peel off the entire skin and apply it on device.
7. Use your thumbs to apply pressure all over the skin so that no bubbles are formed.
8. Apply the sides and corners in the same way.
9. Once done, apply heat all over the skin using any hair dryer for a couple of seconds and reapply pressure.
10. Repeat the same process for corners as well.
11. Leave the phone idle for 2 minutes to cool down.