We created Swayy to solve a problem. 

When we spoke to hundreds of gift finders and receivers, we understood a gap.

We knew your hustle of figuring out the perfect gift for someone close to you. As a gift seeker, you struggle to balance various choices, such as picking a budget, finding the receiver's likes and dislikes, packaging it beautifully, expressing your emotions, and the list goes on and on!

Keep Calm! Cz Swayy is here!

We created - a one stop destination to search, find and buy amazing gifts!

We had an idea. We wanted to create a gift-friendly ecosystem for everyone - gift seekers, gift receivers, gift worthy products and giftable brands! A place where you can not only search and find meaningful gifts but also buy them!
Yes! Sounds like a dream!

We value your gift seeking experience as much as your loved ones’ who are receiving the gift!

As a service to gift seekers, Swayy offers, categorisations, filters and recommendations to ease the process of your search. Something called a 'Recommend Me a Gift' will help you funnel your search so you may make a choice in a jiffy! To add cherry on the cake, we provide you with amazing packaging options so that your gift is perfectly photogenic!

And as someone said, ‘The world is not made of atoms, it is made of stories, amazing gifting stories!’ Let us Swayy You with a gift you were seeking for so long !